Photo competition

Competition guidelines  

Each year, we update the prospectus, website and university publications detailing the application process, new partnerships, student experiences and more.

This year, we will be considering the entries in two different categories:

  • Reflection of your learning experience abroad
  • Most scenic photograph

Photographs should reflect the learning or cultural experiences that you have encountered during your time abroad and should also be suitable for publication in university documents.

Each student can submit up to three photographs and we would appreciate it if you accompanied each photo with a brief description, which is suitable for people using screen-readers to look at our content. You should describe the visual aspects of the image and also say a little about where it was taken, what it is of and what it means to you. We do not usually describe students’ physical appearance in the images, unless they are describing the activity involved (e.g. student wearing a lab coat and goggles doing a chemistry experiment, student covered in tomato juice at a tomato-throwing festival). Please see the DigiComms blog for further information on screen reader technology.

We welcome photos which demonstrate your creativity and photographic talent. Please ensure that all of your entries are over 1000KB in size or we will not be able to consider them.

Previous entries

You can view previous entries and winners on our blog. 

Who can enter?

Any St Andrews student who is studying or working abroad as part of their degree programme at any point in the 2021-2022 academic year is eligible to enter. Students on an approved summer programme in this summer will be eligible for the following year’s competition.

How to enter

Entries should be submitted via email to our Global Office Intern at with a completed Outbound Photo Release Form (Word, 72 KB)

Things to remember

  • Maximum of three entries per person.
  • Indicate in which country/institution each photo was taken.
  • Give a brief description of each photograph (ideally with a short and catchy caption describing it).
  • Include your name and email address.


The deadline for the submission will be 30 April 2022.


The winner will receive a voucher for the University shop.

Rules of entry

  1. You must be a student who is currently studying or working abroad as part of your degree course at the University of St Andrews.
  2. By entering the contest and completing the Photo Release form, you will be giving the Global Office permission to use your photographs for publicity purposes, in publications and on our webpages.
  3. Photographs must be original and should be appropriate for use by the University in marketing activities. 
  4. Please avoid taking close-up photos of children (under 16).
  5. Please identify anyone pictured in the photo and make sure you have their permission. Photographs of individuals (over 16) and groups of adults are acceptable but if they are the main subject of a close-up photograph you must let them know that the photo may be used for publicity purposes, including University webpages. 
  6. A maximum of three photographs may be submitted per student.
  7. Photographs must be submitted to the competition as detailed above and by the published deadline.

We look forward to seeing the exciting experiences that have been captured in your photographs. Best of luck!

A short profile

Each year we ask our returning students to write a short (or long!) profile about their experience abroad.  We would be really grateful if you would write up to 200 words about your experiences to accompany your photos. A first-hand account often gives future study/work abroad students the confidence to apply to our various programmes. You can view some of the profiles we have received in previous years on our Student Experience page for tips on the sort of information you should include. Please email your profile to our Study Abroad Intern along with your photos.