Study abroad documents


Outbound documentation tool 

The Outbound Documentation Tool will be used to manage all of your requirements for your placement, and is available within MySaint as "My Study Abroad Administration". Tailored to your placement type, the Tool allows you to see what tasks or documents are required at various stages of your placement, and allows you to upload and view documents. See the Outbound Documentation Tool - student user guide (Word, 1,717 KB) for guidance on how to use each step of the Tool.

Before you go

Pre-Departure  Agreement

  • All students who are Studying Abroad must complete a Pre-Departure Agreement. 
  • You should read the Terms and Conditions for your programme before completing the Pre-Departure Agreement. 
  • Final deadline: end of May.
  • Please note that your permission to go abroad is conditional upon your agreement of the Study Abroad Terms & Conditions.

In order to complete the pre-departure agreement task, you should indicate the following:

  • That you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions for your programme
  • If the Global Office has permission to speak to your next of kin in an emergency
  • If you have previously received Turing funding

Please note that completing a learning agreement is not required as part of the pre-departure task.  Please see below for further information.

While you are away

Learning Agreement‌

  • All students should complete a Learning Agreement ‌through the documentation tool in MySaint.  Click on ‘Create learning agreement’ to start the process.  Full details can be found in the student user guide above and through the summary document here: Online Learning Agreement - student summary guide (Word, 17 KB)
  • Discuss your learning agreement with your Study Abroad Coordinator before leaving St Andrews and ensure wherever possible that you select modules to study at your host institution prior to departure.  Should you make any changes once abroad, please update your Learning Agreement. 
  • See our Learning Agreement webpage for further guidance.
  • Final deadline: by the end of the fourth week of your placement abroad BUT before you go if possible.  Please note the serious consequences, detailed at the above link, of failure to return an approved Learning Agreement by this deadline.
  • Please note that students on RLUS or Arabic Abroad programmes in Morocco, Qatar and Jordan do not need to complete a learning agreement.

Personal details

While you are away, you must ensure that your personal details are kept up-to-date.  This is important should we need to contact you in an emergency. You can update your details in MySaint.

On your return

Report Form

We will also ask you to complete a short report form about your time abroad.  Your feedback helps us to us evaluate and improve our study abroad programmes - your feedback is valued.  

The Report Form Study Placement (Word, 45 KB)should be returned by 1 August for full year or semester two placements and by 31 January for semester one only placementto

Host institution procedures

Remember, if you are studying abroad, your host institution will expect you to complete and return their application for admission, an accommodation application (if relevant) and any other documents for exchange students. Check your host institution's website for details and to ensure you don't miss important deadlines.