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There are a number of ways in which Student Services are focused on helping students at St Andrews achieve what they deserve: the best university experience possible. All students, all people, come across barriers in life where they do not know where to go or how to best proceed. They need guidance, a pointer, a reflection to offer them a route to follow, or a tool to get over a hurdle and back on track. Student Services are the ones who can provide this.

Acting as the first port of call for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, our task is to reflect back, to suggest options, to create support strategies and open doors; throughout the whole student experience, night and day. We are always proactive in ensuring no student is left at a disadvantage as a result of the University or any of its services. In addition to this, we link in with external agencies in the local community, encouraging them to develop their services with students in mind.

All students are encouraged to develop a sense of personal responsibility and to make their own decisions. In particular, we promote: individuality, open-mindedness and critical thinking, hand in hand with respect and without prejudice.

Student Services coordinates four main functions, each committed to monitoring and enhancing the student experience. At the front door is the "ASC" - the Advice and Support Centre which gives information on any student matter and can arrange an appointment for Student Services.

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‌Student Services Counselling, Wellbeing and Mental Health Matching Care has been accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in partnership with the British Psychological Society.

Accreditation is awarded following a rigorous, externally audited process, including:

  • measuring our service against 56 quality standards which assess whether a service is safe, well led, effective, caring and responsive to people’s needs.
  • listening to students and staff feedback
  • submitting to an all-day, on-site peer review

Apart from the counselling service at Sheffield University, we are the only university to gain this award. We are the first Scottish service of any kind to achieve this award.

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