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Redundancy consultation

The University is committed to providing support to employees once they have been notified that a potential redundancy situation exists, and where practicable will take reasonable steps to help the employee find suitable employment.

To make the most of the support available it is recommended that the employee attends a redundancy consultation with a member of Human Resources. This consultation seeks to address any concerns the employee may have regarding redundancy and will provide beneficial advice and guidance to those individuals who are trying to source new employment. Along with Human Resources, advice can be sought from the Careers Advisory Service.

Information and assistance can be given in the following areas:

  • Financial issues – information on redundancy pay, pensions and state benefits.
  • Skills analysis – identifying transferable/marketable skills.
  • Conducting a job search – useful resources/contacts.
  • CV preparation/completion of application forms/responding to advertisements.
  • Preparing for interviews and improving interview skills.
  • Use of office facilities.

We hope that this redundancy consultation will be of interest to you. To arrange a meeting please contact Human Resources on ext 2566 or email