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Working Overseas

Members of staff and/or students are occasionally required to carry out work overseas, which is consequently outside the direct control of the University. This guidance applies to activities conducted by individuals falling into one of three categories. Namely:

Category 1. Staff on their own or with colleagues

Category 2. Students and staff in groups where the visit is part of a course of study

Category 3. Students on placement

The University continues to have a legal obligation towards the health and safety of any staff/students during overseas work activity.

The University has adopted, as its guide to Heads on this matter, a Code of Practice published by the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and the Universities Safety Association (USA). The Code which is entitled, "Health and Safety Guidance When Working Overseas" draws upon a number of relevant publications, gives step-by-step guidance on how to plan and manage, with respect to health and safety matters, research and teaching to be carried out by staff and/or students overseas.

Advice on immunisations, and other related health matters, travel kits, including a Sterile Medical Pack, may be obtained from the Occupational Health Unit.

Action by Heads

Heads of Schools/Units are required to take appropriate steps to ensure that all work carried out, during overseas work activity, is planned and managed with respect to the health and safety of the staff/students involved.

Guidance Documents

Health and Safety Guidance When Working Overseas (1998) UCEA/USA

Health and Safety Guidance for the Placement of Students (1997) University of St.Andrews


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