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Guidance on pressure regulators



Guidance on pressure regulators


Oxy-fuel and special gases


Pressure regulators, fitted to the outlet of gas cylinder valves, should be used and maintained in accordance with relevant standards.


The following is in line with guidance on this matter issued by the British Compressed Gases Association and BOC.


Guidance on safe usage


Pressure regulators should be treated as precision instruments. They should not be stressed by rapid opening of the cylinder valve.


A regulator should never be used with any gas at a higher pressure than that for which it is designed and labelled.


Regulators which have damaged pressure gauges, pressure indicators, inlet or outlet connections or threads, should not be used.


The regulator pressure adjusting screw should be set to the zero pressure position when the regulator is not in use.


The pressure adjusting screw should be captive to prevent inter-changeability between regulators.


All regulators should comply with BS EN 585 or BS 7650.


Guidance on maintenance



REGULATORS in their integral protective devices


  • EACH TIME THE EQUIPMENT IS USED (by the Operator) -

As per the manufacturer's instructions, include the following:


Visual examination to determine suitability for service (e.g. gas, pressure rating, damage), condition of threads and sealing surfaces, oil or grease contamination. Leak test all joints at working pressure.


Purge after when corrosive gas is used e.g. chlorine.


  • ANNUAL (to be carried out by a person with sufficient technical competence)

To include, as instructed for Each Time the Equipment is Used, plus:


Functional tests to ensure the correct operation of internal components.


  • REPLACEMENT/REFURBISHMENT INTERVALS (subject to conditions of use) - 5 years or manufacturer/supplier's recommendation.



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