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New Machinery



New Machinery


There are two groups of law governing new machinery:


One deals with what manufacturers and suppliers of new machinery have to do. This can be called the supply law. The law that you will come across most often is the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992 which require manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that machinery is safe when supplied and to have CE marking. (Note: where the word 'safe' is used, it should be regarded as including risks to both safety and health).


The other deals with what the users of machinery and other equipment have to do. This can be called the user law. The one which applies most widely is known as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992. These require employers to:


- provide the right kind of safe equipment for use at work;

- ensure that it can be used correctly;


- keep it maintained in a safe condition.


If you buy new equipment (including machinery) this law also requires you, as a user, to check that the equipment complies with all the supply law that is relevant.


Action by heads


It is expected that Heads will take appropriate measures to ensure that the requirements of the above governing legislation are complied with in all areas under their control.


It is also expected that Heads will take account of the following guidance and ensure that any control measures, deemed by the risk assessment to be necessary for health and safety, are implemented.







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