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Lone Work - Control Measures for Lone Working

Lone workers

Control Measures for lone working

There is no single answer to the question, which is often asked, is it legal to work alone and is it safe? A risk assessment needs to be performed and the answer based on the findings.

The University cannot transfer its responsibilities to people who work alone whether they be members of its own staff or others, such as contractors, engaged to carry out work.

All University employees have responsibilities to take care of themselves and other people affected by their work and to co-operate with the University in meeting its legal obligations.

Action by Heads

It is expected that Heads will ensure that appropriate assessments of risks to lone workers, under their control, are carried out and that steps are taken to avoid or minimise risks where necessary.

It is expected that Heads will take account of the following guidance and ensure that any control measures, deemed by the risk assessment to be necessary for health and safety, are implemented.


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