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Access to University buildings and late working

Heads of Schools/Units in the University are responsible for the management of out-of-hours access to the areas of the University under their control. They also have responsibility for the closing arrangements of their School/Unit.

Late working book

Access to University buildings, outside normal working hours, is permitted only to areas where the Head of School/Unit has given consent and appropriate measures are in place to ensure that access is restricted to persons who have been previously authorised. People using the University building outside normal working hours should record their entry and exit times in a building 'late working' book. This is important as in the event of an emergency incident, such as fire, it is necessary to know the occupancy of a building.

Lone work

Any work performed by a person working alone in which there is a risk of serious personal injury or of fire should be prohibited, irrespective of the status of the worker. Undergraduates and inexperienced technical staff should only be allowed to carry out practical laboratory or machine-shop work, outside the normal working hours, if explicit permission is given on each occasion by a senior member of the academic staff and adequate supervision is employed.

Emergency procedures

Heads of Schools/Units should ensure that well publicised information is available on the procedures to be adopted if an accident or emergency occurs during the evening or weekend.

Use of lifts

Lifts, which are not fitted with an emergency telephone, should not normally be used in the evenings or at weekends.

Children brought into premises

Only under exceptional circumstances may persons using University premises bring young children into the buildings, especially outside normal working hours. However, if this is unavoidable, it is absolutely essential to provide strict and close supervision at all times.

Children are not allowed into laboratories and workshops, other than in connection with open days, and work experience courses, etc.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in University buildings, with the exception of guide dogs.


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