Race Equality Charter Survey

The Race Equality Charter Survey will help us to understand your experiences of studying at the University of St Andrews. The aggregated data will be used alongside data from the Staff Race Equality Charter Survey (closed on 16 December 2022) to generate a Race Equality Survey Report and will contribute to a five-year Race Equality Charter Action Plan. 

The Action Plan will be submitted as part of an institutional application for a Race Equality Charter award.

We want every student to complete the survey, regardless of your race or ethnicity, regardless of how you evaluate your experience of studying at St Andrews. Your response will add to the understanding of race equality at St Andrews that the Race Equality Charter Self-Assessment Team is building.

If we can maximise the number of people who respond to the survey, and if we can maximise the openness with which people respond, we will have the strongest possible rationale for the actions we implement to improve race equality and make St Andrews a better environment for people of all ethnicities. To build your trust in the process, we assure you that we will protect your anonymity throughout data handling and analysis.

Completing the survey will take approximately ten minutes - longer if you choose to elaborate on your responses. As this is an anonymous survey, you will not be able to save your responses before submission. Please therefore ensure that you set aside the time to complete the survey in one sitting.

The survey closes at 5pm on Tuesday 31 January 2023.

Principal Professor Dame Sally Mapstone FRSE and colleagues share their insights and reasoning for carrying out the Race Equality Charter Survey of all staff and students.