School of Physics and Astronomy: Core Hours Policy

The School has a policy of core meeting hours, which aligns with the central University policy effective from 1st August 2017. The policy also aligns with the Project Juno principle to promote an inclusive culture.

The School supports flexible working hours for staff and postgraduate students in accordance with University HR Policies that can support a positive work-life balance. The School core meeting hours policy complements this by holding core meetings at times of day that can accommodate parental and carer responsibilities of staff and postgraduate students. This aims to reduce barriers to involving our staff and postgraduate students in the School’s governance and research environment.

Our core meeting hours are 9.30am-4pm Monday to Friday. All School management meetings, teaching fora and similar discussion groups, regular research group meetings, and weekly colloquia and seminars within the School should be held within these core hours unless there is a clear reason why this is not possible. Less frequent School meetings (e.g. those taking place monthly or less frequently) should be arranged where possible to avoid local School holidays.

Normal working hours for full-time staff and postgraduate students extend beyond the core meeting hours period. Staff and students are therefore expected to work beyond these core hours, in a manner agreed with their line manager. Any member of staff may make a formal request for flexible working to the Head of School in accordance with University Policy.

The core meeting hours policy does not apply to teaching activities, which necessarily between 9 am and 6 pm. The School will support collaborative, team-based approaches on a module basis that can provide staff flexibility in teaching hours.

Individual meetings between staff and students may be arranged outwith the core hours, provided the time suits the individuals concerned. It is recognised that some meetings (e.g. international teleconferences with research collaborators) necessarily must take place outwith these hours.

If occasional or one-off events need to be organised outwith core hours, these should be announced with sufficient notice to allow colleagues to make arrangements to cover their out-of-work responsibilities.

Last modified: Tue Sep 19 11:57:33 BST 2017