Research areas


The Astronomy group undertakes research ranging from the largest scales in the universe, galaxy evolution and cosmology, to the intermediate scales in molecular clouds and star formation, to the small scales in protoplanetary disks, stellar activity, and exoplanets (and their potential satellites) and their chemical compositions to uncover extrasolar environments where life may evolve.

Condensed Matter Physics

The research in Condensed Matter Physics spans from quantum materials to organic semiconductors and photovoltaics. This group combines fundamental research into quantum materials using advanced spectroscopic probes and bespoke instrumentation to identify new ways to control their properties and identify opportunities for new technologies.


The Photonics group builds on a long heritage of leading research. In recent years, this has developed from a core of laser physics to a broad portfolio spanning biophotonics, organic semiconductors, metamaterials, quantum optics, advanced imaging and metrology, and communications.

Physics Education

The Physics Education group undertakes research and curriculum development relating to advanced course transformation, conceptual understanding, mathematical methods, lab and computing skills, and using technology to enhance learning. It is also involved in efforts to widen participation and build inclusive learning environments.