About the Physics Education Research @ St Andrews group

Group members teach a wide range of courses at the University of St Andrews and carry out work on research-based resource development, curriculum design and physics education research.
Our interests include:

  • The development, delivery and evaluation of a Gateway to Physics widening participation programme.

  • Advanced course transformation, with a particular focus on Electromagnetism.

  • Developing interactive simulations to enhance conceptual and interpretive understanding of quantum mechanics.

  • Understanding and characterising student perspectives on the physical interpretation of quantum mechanics.

  • The development and optimisation of a new introductory quantum mechanics curriculum.

  • Student-generated content using Peerwise.

  • Student support in developing maths skills.

  • Advanced lab development in photonics.

  • Lab activity development for outreach.

  • The use of Arduino microcontrollers to develop students' programming skills.

Members of our group organise workshops and higher-education related events across the UK as part of the Institute of Physics Higher Education Group Committee. The group is embedded in the St Andrews Centre for Higher Education Research.

See the links at left to learn more about our current projects, publications, research opportunities, and browse the research-based instructional materials developed by our group.