Facilities and services

The School houses a number of advanced research facilities supporting research and impact activities in astrophysics, photonics and condensed matter physics.

Several of these facilities are available to external users, and the School welcomes enquiries from external researchers and from industry. For more information, please contact physics@st-andrews.ac.uk or use specific contacts as detailed below.

Clean room fabrication facilities

  • electron-beam lithography
  • photonic nanofabrication
  • OLED and thin film photovoltaic fabrication

website: https://polyopto.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/facilities/      
contact: physics@st-andrews.ac.uk

Inside the cleanroom. © broad daylight.

Centre for Designer Quantum Materials

  • MBE growth of oxides and chalcogenides
  • cryogenic STM spectroscopy in the School's ultralow vibration laboratories
  • on-site helium liquifier
  • spin- and angular resolved photoemission
  • MPMS, PPMS, x-ray

website: https://www.quantummatter.co.uk/     
contact: cdqm@st-andrews.ac.uk

MBE molecular beam epitaxy apparatus, © broad daylight

University Observatory

  • James Gregory Telescope
  • SUPAscopes – three robotic telescopes within the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Network

website: https://observatory.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/contact/     
contact: observ@st-andrews.ac.uk

Telescope at the observatory.

EPR facility

  • pulsed and continuous-wave electron paramagnetic resonance in X, Q and W-bands

website: https://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/~mmwave/epr/research/facilities/     
contact: hem2@st-andrews.ac.uk

Technical services

  • mechanical workshop with advanced machining capabilities (including the Sodick Technology Hub)
  • electronics workshop for design, assembly and repairs

website: https://electronicservices.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/     
contact: physics@st-andrews.ac.uk

Organic Semiconductor Centre

  • Ultrafast spectroscopy laboratories
  • Materials characterisation
  • Optoelectronic device fabrication

website: http://polyopto.wp.st-andrews.ac.uk/facilities/     
contact: osc@st-andrews.ac.uk