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Academic changes - postgraduate taught

During your time at the University you may, for academic or personal reasons, wish to request a change to your studies. It is important to note that such changes may have a significant impact on other areas of wider university life, including but not limited to, your student status, funding arrangements, tuition and accommodation liability, and your immigration status if you are an international student.

The following page directs you to important information to help ensure that any change you request goes smoothly.

Changes to your degree intention

Change of course

It may be possible to change your degree course during your studies, depending on the programme requirements for the degree you wish to study.

  • Changing Degree Course - Taught
  • Tuition Fees
  • Tier 4 Visa Information

Failure to progress to dissertation

If you do not meet the requirements for progression to dissertation then there may be other degree options available to you.

  • Progression Requirements
  • Tier 4 Visa information
  • Possible Exit Awards - Taught Postgraduates
  • Appeals & S-coding

Leave of absence

A Leave of Absence is a temporary withdrawal from your studies on medical or personal grounds. You will need to have this approved by a designated University Officer. You should contact the Registry Officer (Student Suppport) with queries relating to Leave of Absence.

Extension of your studies

If a dissertation is not submitted within the time-limit, in exceptional circumstances, an extension may be granted by the Pro Dean.

  • Tier 4 Visa Information

Ending your studies


Students who have completed their degree course may be eligible to attend a graduation ceremony in which their degree award is officially conferred.

Failure to Register

If you do not matriculate on time and fail to register within the timescales and conditions set out under the Failure to Register policy, your studies may be terminated.

Withdrawal (Transfer)

Is an officially approved permanent withdrawal from studying at St Andrews possibly with the intention to transfer to another institution.

Termination of Studies

A student's studies may be terminated on academic or non-academic grounds such as when they fail to meet the requirements set out in the Postgraduate Senate Regulations.