Register with a doctor


All students living in or commuting to St Andrews and the surrounding area who are studying at the University for 12 weeks or more should ensure they are registered with a primary care practitioner (called a GP in the UK) in order to access healthcare from the NHS. You will not be able to register until you are a fully matriculated student.

For students living in St Andrews the GP practices are located in St Andrews Community Hospital, which is about a 20 minute walk or a 5 minute bus ride from the town centre. If you live outside St Andrews, you can find your local GP on the NHS website.

It is your responsibility to ensure you register with one of the NHS medical practices as soon as possible following your arrival in St Andrews, especially if you are on prescribed medicine. Failure to do so may result in a delay obtaining further medication or in receiving healthcare should you become unwell. For guidance on how to obtain further medication please contact the Student Health Hub (


As your university term begins, remember to check your vaccines are up-to-date. Visit the NHS Inform website for information about keeping yourself protected from serious diseases.


Any student living in St Andrews is free to register with either of the two practices once they have matriculated, provided their course will last 12 weeks or more. For administrative purposes you are encouraged to register according to your family name. You will always be able to change practices without prejudice if you’re not happy at a later date.

Family name begins with Medical practice Phone
A - Nt Pipeland Medical Practice 01334 476840
Nu - Z Blackfriars Medical Practice 01334 477477

To register with Pipeland's, see the Pipeland student health page.

To register with Blackfriars, see the Blackfriars registration page.

Please see below regarding what medical documents you will also need to provide, if relevant.

Medical documents

In order to register with a doctor, all students must provide:

  • student ID
  • proof of their term-time address
  • completed registration forms (if required)
  • a copy of your full immunisation history

If you have an ongoing health condition you will need to provide medical documentation that confirms diagnosis and, if you are on prescribed medication, states what medication you are on, the dosage and a treatment plan.

Please note that you will be asked for your NHS/CHI number when completing your registration forms. If you have never registered with a NHS medical practice, please leave the NHS/CHI number section blank.

Private GP Service

If you wish to access private health services there are a choice of two practices, one in St Andrews and one in Dundee, which is approximately 12 miles away.

The St Andrews Private GP Clinic is based in St Andrews.

Book in for a Private GP Video Consultation or In-Clinic appointment by visiting the website. They can also assist with Covid Fit-to-fly certification.

Tayside Complete Health is based in Dundee.

  • Telephone: 01382 549088


You should bring at least three months’ supply of any medication you are on. If you are an international student, you should check that this medication is registered and licensed for use in the UK before you arrive. If your medication is not permitted in the UK, you should get advice from your doctor at home about what alternatives you could access.

NHS mobile services

All international students will need to change to a UK sim for their mobile whilst studying here in St Andrews to access NHS services, including urgent medical care. Find out more about mobile phones