Question: I am a supervisor but I cannot view the Discounted time request for my student?

First ask the student if they have submitted their Discounted time request for comment. If the student is viewing their Discounted time dashboard, under the Your application forms section, the request should be labelled SUBMITTED. If the request is labelled CREATED, the student should open the request, scroll to the end and select the Submit Form button.

If the student confirms they have submitted the request the next step is to ensure that MMS understands you are linked to the student. MMS uses ‘Supervision groups’ to group Supervisors with students. The system builds Supervision groups from the data in the Student Records database SITS. The Staff tab on the module overview[1] will list which groups you are on. If you are not listed as being on a supervision group connected to the student, contact your admin team who will be able to investigate the student record card to determine if you are currently listed as a supervisor for the student.

If you are connected to the student and still cannot view their Discounted time request please email, including the username and matriculation of the student.

[1] Select the module title anywhere in MMS to be directed to the module overview.