Question: Who gets PGR Examining Committee Nominations

As there is sometimes a difference between the staff who are Director of Postgraduate Studies and staff who need to receive notifications we have created a new role which is available on the 'Assign Staff Roles' school page. As with all staff roles in MMS this is controlled by the school and can be changed and updated by any unit admin.

To view a list of users in the unit who will receive the notification:

  • Log into MMS
  • Ensure the school drop down list has the school selected (not 'show all')
  • Click the 'View School' button
  • Click the 'Assign Staff Roles' link, it is the first in the 'People' section
  • Locate the 'PG Progress Report Notification Recipient' role (it is usually in the far right of the table)
  • All members of staff who have a tick in the checkbox in this column will receive the PGR notifications