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Getting started

1. Is HPC for you?

If your computational needs can not be met by desktop computing, chances are that a shared facility could speed up your research. Does your software run on Linux? Can it use multiple cores or cluster nodes? If you have any questions on whether HPC would be suitable please contact us.

2. Are you eligible?

Find out if you are eligible to use the HPC facility and if there are any costs.

3. Register

Register for access to the HPC facility. 

4. High priority access

If your group has funding for high-priority access, fill in the high priority application form.

5. Applying for a grant

Get help with applying for HPC costs in your grant application.

6. Connect

Once you have received confirmation that you have access, connect to the HPC facility.

7. Software

To find out about currently installed software, check the software page.

8. Using the Cluster

Check the using the cluster page on how to prepare, submit and monitor your batch job and how to access your results.  If you need help with any of these steps, contact us.  

9. Need help?

Check our Frequently Asked Questions if you have issues, or contact us.  Need help writing and costing a grant proposal? Check Eligibility and costs. A introductory lecture (PDF)  is available. You can also watch a recording