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Updated on: 10 August 2023

Learn how to register with a doctor when you arrive in St Andrews

You must register with a doctor (called a ‘general practitioner’ or ‘GP’) if you are studying in person at the University of St Andrews for 12 weeks or more.  

You must register as soon as you can once you have matriculated, especially if you take prescribed medication. If you are not registered, there may be a delay in getting your medication or accessing healthcare. For guidance, please email

All international students will need to have a UK SIM card for their mobile phone while studying in St Andrews to access NHS services, including urgent medical care. 


There are two NHS GP practices in St Andrews. The practice you should register with depends on your family name: 

Both practices are at St Andrews Community Hospital. This is a 20-minute walk or five-minute bus ride from the town centre.  

You can change GP practices later if you wish. 

If you live outside St Andrews, find your local GP on the NHS website

What you need to register 

  • Student ID 
  • Proof of your term-time address 
  • Completed registration forms (if required) 
  • A copy of your full vaccination history 

If you have a health condition, you may need to provide medical documents that confirm your diagnosis.  

If you take prescribed medication, you need to provide documents that state: 

  • what medication you take 
  • the dosage 
  • a treatment plan. 

You will be asked for your NHS/CHI number when completing your registration forms. If you have never registered with an NHS GP practice before, leave this section blank. 

Private GP service 

If you want to access private health services, there are a choice of two practices: one in St Andrews and one in Dundee, which is about 12 miles away.

The St Andrews Private GP Clinic is based in St Andrews.

Book a private GP video consultation or in-clinic appointment by visiting the website.

Tayside Complete Health is based in Dundee.

  • Phone: +44 (0)1382 54 9088

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