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Postgraduate seminars

During term time, the postgraduate community run an informal seminar series where they get together, share work in progress, and practise presenting papers in a friendly, inclusive environment. It gives postgraduate students the opportunity to talk about their work, find out what other postgraduates in the department are working on, and experience presenting current research and chairing papers.

This semester, the seminars are being organised by Carolyn La Rocco and Niels Arends. All seminars will be held at 1pm on Fridays, online in MS Teams, unless otherwise stated. If you would like to attend the seminars, please email a request for the meeting link to either Carolyn, , or Niels,

18 September 2020 Carolyn, Niels Welcome meeting
25 September 2020 Niels Arends Land of the free? The fate of rural liberi plebei in late antique Italy.
02 October 2020 Larisa Ficulle "As an immature bunch of grapes": a possible iconographical explanation for a late antique inscription (SEG 58.1777.57)
09 October 2020 Carolyn La Rocco Reconsidering episcopal power: Christian euergetism in late Roman and Visigothic Hispania
30 October 2020 Elaine Rankin “Come paddling with me in this season’s musty dye!” The iconography of the wine harvest.
06 November 2020 Marco Gay Fato profugus. Aeneas the refugee: an Italian debate.
13 November 2020 Sanne van den Berg Tacitus’ Annals 16 and the Death of Rome
20 November 2020 Remco Bronkhorst Sustenance and sustainability in early Latium
27 November 2020 Alison Hadfield Partly sensed, partly known. How artefact handling triggers memories and sparks the imagination’
04 December 2020  Pawel Borowski Civitas in the Roman scholarship.