Postgraduate seminars

During term time, the postgraduate community run an informal seminar series where they get together, share work in progress, and practise presenting papers in a friendly, inclusive environment. It gives postgraduate students the opportunity to talk about their work, find out what other postgraduates in the department are working on, and experience presenting current research and chairing papers.

This semester, seminars will usually be held at 1pm on Wednesdays, in room S4. 

Semester 2

February 1st (S4) Stefano Carlo Sala Fabius, Clusium and the Gauls: a recurring historical trope?
February 22nd (S4) Florence Felsheim A critical reappraisal of the lived experiences and social ramifications of ancient Greek prostitution
March 8th (S4) Francesca Salibra Romans' use of space in discussions of identity
March 15th (S4) Rebecca Hachamovitch Cognitive Science of the Trustworthiness of Roman Divination
March 22nd (S4) Eleni Giamarellou The Marginalised Erinyes in Aeschylus
March 29th (S4) Connor Hickey The Perception of 'Internal' and 'External' Wars in Roman Historiography
April 5th (S4) Aneirin Pendragon Authority in Contemporary Hellenic Polytheism