Graduate attributes

Graduate attributes relate to the knowledge, skills and capabilities that the University seeks to help you develop throughout your time at St Andrews. While the University is responsible for ensuring that opportunities to do this are available, you are responsible for developing your graduate attributes.

You can develop the graduate attributes through a wide range of activities. This includes not only curricular learning, but also:

  • training courses
  • work placements
  • involvement in student societies and sports clubs
  • volunteering
  • research assistantships.

All these activities, in addition to your degree programme, will help to develop the graduate attributes.

You can log all your graduate attribute activities on the graduate attribute portal. This allows you to track your development over time and build your personal graduate attributes skill wheel.

The University has 20 graduate attributes that are grouped in the following five key areas:

What are the benefits of developing the graduate attributes?

There are several benefits of developing the graduate attributes. They can increase your aspirations and motivate personal development. They will also instil an appreciation for life-long learning and ongoing professional development.

Additionally, you will be able to:

  • better talk to employers about the skills you have developed at St Andrews by increasing your awareness of the ones you have gained and the contexts in which you have gained them
  • make more informed programme and module choices by taking the graduate attributes into account
  • make connections between, and see the value in, a balance of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activity as part of your student experience.

There are wider benefits of the graduate attributes framework for St Andrews as a whole:

  • It provides a shared identity and a language to describe the value of a St Andrews education.
  • It provides a common framework for academics, professional services staff and students to use in thinking about programme and module specifications.
  • Parents, guardians and employers can better understand and appreciate the skills students develop as part of the St Andrews student experience.
  • The attributes can help link student skill development activity to the University strategy.