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There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities created, offered and taken up by students across the University, the Students’ Association and in the local community, as well as competitive opportunities for students to participate in national and international volunteering programmes supported by the University, such as Volunteer Zambia. In addition, St Andrews students participate in a range of international volunteering programmes offered by external organisations. Volunteering provides valuable opportunities for students to engage with local communities, participate in projects and initiatives alongside their academic studies, and develop personal and professional skills.


As a St Andrews student, you can develop skills that may help you become a more effective volunteer through the and volunteer training opportunities. You can make your volunteering count towards a Saltire Award; and you can view some Careers Centre advice about how best to write about your volunteering experiences on job application forms.

International students befriending scheme

International Students Befriending Scheme

Saints Sports Volunteering

Saints Sport volunteering