Procurement is responsible for all non-pay expenditure in relation to the University and for ensuring best value for money is achieved in all procurement activity.

The strategy of the University of St Andrew’s Procurement unit is to efficiently and effectively support decentralised (devolved) procurement to the Schools, units and residences of the University.

The Procurement strategy is in support of the overall University Strategic Plan and in particular, relates to:

  • Aim 8: Financial Health – To maintain a sustainable and resilient financial position to support the mission and academic positioning of the University on an on-going basis.

At a top level, the Procurement unit’s remit and responsibility covers the complete procurement process including all related policies and legislation. Procurement has the overarching responsibility and advisory role for all of the Universities procurement activities.

Our primary objective is to ensure the University is obtaining best value for money whilst supporting the extensive and wide-ranging requirements of all our teaching and research activities within the University. 

It is of paramount importance that Procurement effectively liaises and guides all staff in procurement activities; ensuring compliance and governance of all non-pay spend throughout the University.

Throughout the Scottish public sector, procurement is receiving a high level of attention as well as recognition of the potential benefits that an efficient and effective procurement process can bring to an organisation.

The focus of the Scottish Government on public sector procurement has grown significantly as a result of the McClelland Report which has highlighted the potential opportunities and threats that have a direct effect on the public purse.

A key focus is to continually raise the awareness and understanding of good procurement practice throughout the University and embed this within the institution's activity.

Additionally, measurements and targets are in place and continue to be developed to monitor progress in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and to highlight opportunities for the development of future initiatives.

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