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Arché is a philosophical research centre at the University of St Andrews. Four Research groups are currently active within the centre.

Grants held by Arché members include the AHRC-funded Rethinking Mind and Meaning: A case study from a co-disciplinary approach (Ball and Cappelen); the NRC-funded Conceptual Engineering (Cappelen); a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship (2014-16) for The Importance of Being Competent: Ethics and Epistemology (Hawley); the Templeton-funded Interdisciplinary Experience Project (Paul); a Guggenheim Fellowship (Paul); and a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (Thakkar).

Arché Semester Dates 2015 - 2016

  • Mon 14th September - Fri 18th December 2015
  • Mon 28th March - Fri 1st July 2016

Latest news

Arché Flash Epistemology Workshop
4 May, 2016

Today Wed 4th May 4-6pm Contact Patrick to volunteer [ Read more ]


Papers accepted for The 2016 Joint Session
6 April, 2016

Matthew McKeever and Joshua Habgood-Coote have both had papers accepted to the postgraduate session of the Joint session. Matt will present his paper 'Predicativism about Names and Stage Theory About ... [ Read more ]


Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Honour for Katherine Hawley
9 March, 2016

Katherine Hawley is one of five very distinguished St Andrews academics elected this year to the fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. For more information please view the press release. ... [ Read more ]


Congratulations Dr Jacinto
7 March, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Bruno Jacinto passed his viva. Bruno successfully passed his disputation on his doctorate thesis 'Necessitism, Contingentism and Theory Equivalence'. [ Read more ]


Research Grant Success
27 January, 2016

Herman Cappelen, in collaboration with Oystein Linnebo and Camilla Serck-Hanssen, has received a £2.5 million, 5 year grant from the Norwegian Research Council for a project on Conceptual Engineering ... [ Read more ]



Upcoming Events

4 May, 2016
 Workshop: Flash Epistemology Workshop
Location: St Andrews
7 May, 2016 - 8 May, 2016
 Workshop: Testimony and Context Workshop
Location: School II, St Andrews
19 May, 2016 - 20 May, 2016
 Workshop: Complex Disagreement
Location: School V, St Andrews
30 May, 2016 - 2 June, 2016
 Arché Reading Party
Location: Harburn House Edinburgh
4 June, 2016 - 5 June, 2016
 Workshop: Sensing Strange Things
Location: School II, St Andrews
7 June, 2016 - 8 June, 2016
 Workshop: Cardinality, Worlds and Paradox
Location: Oslo, Norway
10 June, 2016 - 11 June, 2016
 Workshop: Concepts and Understanding
Location: School II, St Andrews
23 June, 2016 - 24 June, 2016
 Workshop: Decision Theory, Imagination, and Transformative Experience
Location: Edgecliffe G03, The Scores, St Andrews
10 August, 2016 - 13 August, 2016
 European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Meeting,
Location: Byre Theatre
3 September, 2016 - 4 September, 2016
 Workshop: The Metaphysics of Knowledge I: Epistemic Indexing
Location: School II



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