Head of Quantum Information Group

Natalia Korolkova   Dr Natalia Korolkova
  Reader in Theoretical Quantum Optics

Research & Visiting Staff

Ladislav Mista Dr Ladislav Mišta
Palacký University, Olomouc,
Czech Republic
➤ Entanglement Theory for Gaussian States
➤ Multipartite quantum communication
Dmitri Mogilevtsev Dr Dmitri Mogilevtsev
B.I.Stepanov Institute of Physics,
Minsk, Belarus
➤ Quantum tomography
➤ Dynamics of open quantum systems

PhD Students

Matthew Thornton Matthew Thornton
email: mt45
➤ Quantum signatures using continuous variables
➤ Open quantum systems
Viktor Nordgren Viktor Nordgren
email: vmn3
➤ Hybrid ancilla-driven quantum computation

Undergraduate Students

Hamish Scott Hamish Scott
email: has8
➤ Practical Secure Quantum Communication

group photo May 2016

Thomas Doherty,  Natalia Korolkova,  Callum Croal,  Michael Lynch-White,  Matthew Thornton   (May 2016)

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

Svetoslav Ivanov Dr Svetoslav Ivanov
University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Ion trap quantum computing
Tomas Tyc Prof Tomáš Tyc
Masaryk University, Brno,
Czech Republic
Quantum optics
Non-classical states of light
Dmytro Vasylyev Dr Dmytro Vasylyev
University of Rostock, Germany
Quantum communication over atmospheric links
Luciana Davila Romero Dr Luciana Davila-Romero
University of East Anglia, UK
Quantum communication protocols

group photo Feb 2012 Natalia Korolkova Richard Tatham Darran Milne Niall Quinn

Natalia Korolkova,  Richard Tatham,  Darran Milne,  Niall Quinn   (February 2012)

Former PhD Students, Undergraduate & Summer Students

Michael Lynch-White Michael Lynch-White
Quantum error correction
Thomas Doherty Thomas Doherty
Coherent dissipative photonics
PhD student, University of Oxford, The Atom-Photon Connection group (Axel Kuhn)
Callum Croal Dr Callum Croal
“Quantum Correlations in Mixed Gaussian State: from Discord to Signatures”
Innovation Consultant, Innovia Technology, Cambridge
Niall Quinn Dr Niall Quinn
“Gaussian Non-classical Correlations in Bipartite Dissipative Continuous Variable Quantum Systems”
Octopus Investments, London
Richard Tatham Dr Richard Tatham
“Quantum Correlations in and beyond Quantum Entanglement in Bipartite Continuous Variable Systems”
HGF Ltd Intellectual Property Specialists, London
Darran Milne Dr Darran Milne
“Towards Universal Quantum Computation in Continuous-Variable Systems”
VividQ Limited
Gary Sinclair Dr Gary Sinclair
“Cross-Phase Modulation in Rubidium-87”
Quantum Photonics Group, University of Bristol
David Menzies Dr David Menzies
“Procrustean Entanglement Concentration, Weak Measurements and Optimized State Preparation for Continuous-Variable Quantum Optics”
Melissa Giulian Melissa Giulian
“Continuous and Hybrid Variable Ancilla Driven Quantum Computation”
2015   (Final Year Project Prize)
Filip Rozpedek Filip Rozpedek
“Time as Quantum Correlations” - 2014
“Reconciliation witness and reliabilility of quantum atmospheric channel” - 2012
PhD student, University of Delft, QuTech group (Stephanie Wehner)
Takafumi Nakano Takafumi Nakano
“Continuous Variable Ancilla Driven Quantum Computation”
Summer 2010