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Articles submitted to refereed journals

  • D. F. Milne, N. V. Korolkova, P. van Loock: Topological quantum computation by displacing non-Gaussian states,  manuscript.

Published Articles

  • C. Wilkinson, M. Thornton and N. Korolkova: Quantum steering as a resource for secure tripartite quantum state sharing,  Phys. Rev. A 107, 062401 (2023).
  • V. Nordgren, O. Leskovjanová, J. Provazník, A. Johnston, N. Korolkova, L. Mišta Jr: Certifying emergent genuine multipartite entanglement with a partially blind witnessPhys. Rev. A 106 (6), 062410 (2022).
  • S. Richter, M. Thornton, I. Khan, H. Scott, K. Jaksch, U. Vogl, B. Stiller, G. Leuchs, C. Marquardt, N. Korolkova: Agile and versatile quantum communication: signatures and secretsPhysical Review X 11, 011038 (2021).
  • P. de la Hoz, A. Sakovich, A. Mikhalychev, M. Thornton, N. Korolkova, D. Mogilevtsev: Integrated source of path-entangled photon pairs with efficient pump self-rejectionNanomaterials 10(10), 1952 (2020).
  • M. Thornton, A. Sakovich, A. Mikhalychev, J. D. Ferrer, P. de la Hoz, N. Korolkova, D. Mogilevtsev: Coherent diffusive photon gun for generating non-classical states,   Phys. Rev. Applied 12, 064051 (2019).
  • M. Thornton, H. Scott, C. Croal, N. Korolkova: Continuous-variable quantum digital signatures over insecure channels Phys. Rev. A 99, 032341 (2019).
  • N. Korolkova, G. Leuchs: Quantum correlations in separable multi-mode states and in classically entangled lightinvited review in Rep. Prog. Phys., 82, 056001 (2019).
  • J. Tiedau, V. S. Shchesnovich, D. Mogilevtsev, V. Ansari, G. Harder, T. Bartley, N. Korolkova, Ch. Silberhorn: Quantum state and mode profile tomography by the overlapNew J. Phys 20 033003 (2018).
  • S. Mukherjee, D. Mogilevtsev, G. Ya. Slepyan, T. H. Doherty, R. R. Thomson, N. Korolkova: Dissipatively Coupled Waveguide Networks for Coherent Diffusive Photonics Nature Communications 8:1909 (2017).
  • T. Proctor, M. Giulian, N. Korolkova, E. Andersson, V. Kendon: Ancilla-driven quantum computation for qudits and continuous variablesPhys. Rev. A 95, 052317 (2017).
  • C. Croal, Ch. Peuntinger, B. Heim, I. Khan, Ch. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, P. Wallden, E. Andersson, N. Korolkova:
    Free-space quantum signatures using heterodyne detectionPhys. Rev. Lett. 117, 100503 (2016).
  • N. Quinn, C. Croal, N. Korolkova: Quantum discord and entanglement distribution as the flow of correlations through a dissipative quantum systemJ. Russian Laser Research 36, p. 550 (2015) (Special issue for the International Year of Light).
  • C. Croal, Ch. Peuntinger, V. Chille, Ch. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, N. Korolkova, L. Mišta: Entangling the whole by beam splitting a partPhys. Rev. Lett. 115, 190501 (2015).
  • A. Kohnle, C. Baily, A. Campbell, N. Korolkova and M. Paetkau: Enhancing student learning of two-level quantum systems with interactive simulationsAm. J. Phys. 83, 560 (2015).
  • V. Chille, N. Quinn, C. Peuntinger, C. Croal, L. Mišta, Jr., Ch. Marquardt, G. Leuchs, N. Korolkova: Quantum nature of Gaussian discord: Experimental evidence and role of system-environment correlationsPhys. Rev. A 91, 050301(R) (2015).
  • D. Mogilevtsev, G. Slepyan, E. Garusov, S. Kilin and N. Korolkova: Quantum tight-binding chains with dissipative couplingNew J. Phys. 17, 043065 (2015).
  • G. Harder, D. Mogilevtsev, N. Korolkova, Ch. Silberhorn: Tomography by noisePhys. Rev. Lett. 113, 070403 (2014). Highlighted as Editor´s Suggestion. Featured in Nature Photonics Reseach Highlights (N. Horiuchi, Nature Photonics 8, 812813 (2014)).
  • R. Tatham and N. Korolkova: Entanglement concentration with quantum nondemolition Hamiltonians
    Phys. Rev. A 89, 012308 (2014).
  • R. Tatham and N. Korolkova: Quantum discord from system-environment correlationsPhys. Scr. T160, 014040 (2014).
  • Ch. Peuntinger, V. Chille, L. Mišta, Jr., N. Korolkova, M. Förtsch, J. Korger, C. Marquardt, G. Leuchs: Distributing entanglement with separable statesPhys. Rev. Lett. 111, 230506 (2013).  
    Featured in Physics 6, 132 (2013). Editor’s Suggestion.   Cited 20.
  • S. Ivanov, N. Vitanov, N. Korolkova: Creation of arbitrary Dicke and NOON states of trapped-ion qubits by global addressing with composite pulsesNew J. Phys. 15, 023039 (2013).
  • D. Mogilevtsev, A. Mikhalychev, V. S. Shchesnovich, and N. Korolkova: Nonlinear dissipation can combat linear loss
    Phys. Rev. A 87, 063847 (2013).
  • D. Vasylyev, F. Rozpedek, and N. Korolkova: Reconciliation witness and reliabilility of quantum atmospheric channel
    Phys. Scr. T153, 014061 (2013).
  • L. Mišta and N. Korolkova: Gaussian multipartite bound informationPhys. Rev. A 86, 040305(R) (2012).
  • D. F Milne, N. V Korolkova and P. van Loock: Universal Quantum Computation with Continuous-Variable Abelian AnyonsPhys. Rev. A 85, 052325 (2012).
  • D. F. Milne and N. V. Korolkova: Composite Cluster States and Alternative Architectures for One-Way Quantum ComputationPhys. Rev. A 85, 032310 (2012).
  • R. Tatham, L. Mišta, G. Adesso and N. Korolkova: Nonclassical correlations in continuous-variable non-Gaussian Werner statesPhys. Rev. A 85, 022326 (2012).
  • A. Kohnle, D. Cassettari, T. J. Edwards, C. Ferguson, A. D. Gillies, C. A. Hooley, N. Korolkova, J. Llama, B. D. Sinclair:
    A new multimedia resource for teaching quantum mechanics conceptsAm. J. Phys. 80, 148 (2012).
  • R. Tatham and N. Korolkova: Entanglement concentration for two atomic ensembles using an effective atom-light beamsplitterJ. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 44, 175506 (2011).
  • L. Mišta, R. Tatham, D. Girolami, N. Korolkova and G. Adesso: Measurement-induced disturbances and non-classical correlations of Gaussian statesPhys Rev A 83, 042325 (2011).   Cited 21.
  • R. Tatham, D. Menzies and N. Korolkova: An approximate effective beamsplitter interaction between light and atomic ensemblesPhys. Scr. T143, 014023 (2011).
  • U. Leonhardt and N. Korolkova: The 17th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics in St Andrews, Scotland
    Phys. Scr. T143, 014001 (2011).
  • L. Mišta and N. Korolkova: Improving continuous-variable entanglement distribution by separable states
    Phys. Rev. A, 80, 032310 (2009).
  • D. Mogilevtsev, T. Tyc and N. Korolkova: Influence of modal loss on the quantum state generation via cross-Kerr nonlinearityPhys. Rev. A 79, 053832 (2009).
  • D. Menzies and N. Korolkova: Weak Measurements with Entangled ProbesPhys. Rev. A 77, 062105 (2008).
  • D. Menzies and N. Korolkova: Weak Values and Entanglement ConcentrationQuantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC), The 9th International Conference, Calgary, Canada, 19-24 August 2008, AIP Conference Proceedings, A. Lvovsky (ed), pp. 9-12.
  • L. Mišta and N. Korolkova: Distribution of continuous-variable entanglement by separable Gaussian states
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  • G. F. Sinclair and N. Korolkova: Effective cross-Kerr Hamiltonian for a nonresonant four-level atom
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  • D. Menzies and N. Korolkova: Procrustean entanglement concentration of continuous-variable states of light
    Phys. Rev. A 74, 042315 (2006).
  • A. Luis and N. Korolkova: Polarization squeezing and nonclassical properties of lightPhys. Rev. A 74, 043817 (2006).
    Cited 31.
  • N. Korolkova and R. Loudon: Nonseparability and squeezing of continuous polarization variables
    Phys. Rev. A 71, 032343 (2005).
  • A.V. Prokhorov, N. V. Korolkova, A. M. Araklelyan: Nonlinear control of the light pulse in doped optical fibers
    Laser Physics 15, 1-13 (2005).
  • S. Lorenz, N. Korolkova, and G. Leuchs: Continuous variable quantum key distribution using polarization encoding and post selectionAppl. Phys. B 79, 273 - 277 (2004). Cited 64.
  • O. Glöckl, U. L. Andersen, S. Lorenz, Ch. Silberhorn, N. Korolkova, and G. Leuchs: Sub shot noise phase quadrature measurement of intense light beamsOpt. Lett. 29, 1936 (2004).
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  • G. Leuchs, N. Korolkova, and N. Lütkenhaus: Mehr Sicherheit durch Quantenschlüssel,  Physik Journal, 3, 20 (2003)
    (in German).
  • J. Heersink, T. Gaber, S. Lorenz, O. Glöckl, N. Korolkova, and G. Leuchs: Polarization squeezing of intense pulses with a fiber Sagnac interferometerPhys. Rev. A 68, 013815 (2003).   Cited 39.
  • G. Leuchs, Ch. Silberhorn, O. Glöckl, Ch. Marquardt, N. Korolkova: Quantum interferometry with intense optical pulsesFortschr. Phys. 51, 409-413 (2003).

Manuscripts published on arXiv

  • D. Mogilevtsev, V. S. Shchesnovich, and N. Korolkova: Thermal noise for quantum state inference,
    arXiv:1302.3838 [quant-ph].
  • D. F. Milne, N. V. Korolkova: Electromagnetically induced invisibility cloaking, arXiv:1206.3944 [quant-ph].

Book Contributions

  • N. Korolkova: Quantum teleportation in Lecture Notes in Quantum Information, revised 2nd edition,
    D. Bruss and G. Leuchs (eds.), Wiley-VCH 2019.
  • L. C. Davila Romero and N. Korolkova: Quantum teleportation, in Lecture Notes in Quantum Information,
    D. Bruss and G. Leuchs (eds.), Wiley-VCH 2007, pp. 255-270.
  • N. Korolkova: Polarization squeezing and entanglement, in Continuous Variable and Quantum Information,
    N. Cerf, G. Leuchs and E. S. Polzik (eds.), Imperial College Press 2007, pp. 181-196.
  • N. Korolkova: Quantum polarization for continuous variable information processing, in Quantum Information Processing, G. Leuchs and T. Beth (eds.), Second edition, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co KGaA, Weinheim 2005, pp. 405-417
    (new chapter in Second edition).
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Articles published prior to 2003