Head of Quantum Optics Group

Friedrich  Koenig   Dr Friedrich König
  Lecturer in Experimental Photonics

Postdoctoral Researchers

Maxime Jacquet Maxime Jacquet
email: mj35
› Quantum vacuum emission in a nonlinear medium
› Modeling of quantum vacuum emission in bulk
› Experimental observation of scattering at the event horizon

PhD Students

Vyome Singh Vyome Singh
email: vs28
› Pulse compression in photonic crystal fibers
› Optical tomography
› Efficient computation of quantum vacuum emission from
Ian Shand Ian Shand
email: irs2
› Four-wave mixing in fibers for bright squeezed vacuum

Former Postdoctoral Researchers

  Dr Susanne Kehr › Transformation Optics
› Few-cycle Pulses in Fibres
› Cherenkov Radiation
› Photonic crystal fiber modeling
  Dr Christopher Kuklewicz › Frequency shifting at the event horizon
› Coincidence detection

Former PhD Students & Undergraduate Students

Maxime Jacquet Dr Maxime Jacquet Negative frequency at the horizon: scattering of light at a  
refractive index front
now: Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of St Andrews
Luke Masters Luke Masters Scattering of Light at optical event horizons via resonant  
radiation (Final Year Project Prize 2016)
  Dr Joanna McLenaghan Negative frequency waves in optics: Control and investigation of their generation and evolution
now: Technology Consulting Analyst, Accenture, London
  Stephen Hill Pulses in fibres as artificial event horizons
  Andrew Meek Measuring the coherence time of an entangled light mode
  Vyome Singh Higher order soliton effect compression in single mode fibre
  Sven Rohr Fission of optical solitons and amplificaiton of Cherenkov radiation, Measurement of fiber dispersion profiles by resonant radiation
  Justinas Pupeikis Carrier-envelope phase of few-cycle pulses
  Tomasz Potapczyk Parabolic mirror alignment
  Amol Choudhary Artificial event horizons in fibers for generating Hawking radiation, Artificial event horizons in the visible for large frequency shifts
  Matusz Rybak Sub-micrometer 2D beam profiler
  James Luis Photon Counting