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Students living in Wales

Students living in Wales

Students who have had residency in Wales for the 3 years prior to study should apply for funding via

When do I apply?

For new students as soon as you have a conditional offer to ensure that your application is processed by the start of session. For returning students by the end of May for every year of your course. The closing date for applications in an academic year is nine months after the start of your course.

Remember - you have to apply every year that you will be a student for your funding and it is your responsibility to do this.

Funding available

  • Tuition fee loan, these funds are paid directly to the University. (Information on tuition fees levels can be found on the Fees web page.) However, if you have to repeat any studies or have a previous higher education qualification then you may have to pay your own tuition fees for that period of time.  For more information consult Money Adviser, Student Services
    E: T: 01334 462720.
  • Student Loan (paid in 3 instalments).
  •  The Assembly Learning grant (ALG)  - dependant on level of family income (paid in 3 instalments).
  •  Special Support Grant (Some students will be eligible for a special support grant instead of an Assembly Learning Grants check eligibility).
  • Childcare Grants help towards registered childcare costs.
  • Parents' Learning Allowance - This is available to full-time students with dependent children to help with course-related costs.
  • Adult Dependants' Grant - If you have a spouse / partner (of either sex if you began your course in or after 2005) or another adult, usually a member of your family, who depends on you financially, you may be eligible.

How do I know what I will get?

Once you have applied to your SFW you should receive an acknowledgement within 14 days. Thereafter you will receive a financial assessment that details how much loan/grant you will get and how much assessed parental/spouse contribution there is. It will also detail how much tuition fees that you have to pay and what, if any, they will pay.

When do I receive my money?

Payment of both the loan and the bursary are split into three instalments and you receive these at the beginning of Semester One, early January and early April.