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Students living in Scotland

Students living in Scotland

Students who have had residency in Scotland for the 3 years prior to study should apply for funding via

Student Awards Agency for Scotland, Gyleview House, 3 Redheughs Rigg,  Edinburgh,  EH12 9HH

Tel 0845 111 1711

Check out the video at:

When do I apply?

For new entrants as soon as you have a conditional place.

For returning students as soon as possible and by 30 June 2018, to ensure that your funding is in place before the start of next session.

You must apply by 31 March 2019 for the 2018/19 session.  Applications after that date will not be accepted and you will not receive any funding.

Remember - you have to apply every year that you will be a student for your funding and it is your responsibility to do this.

Funding is available

  • Tuition fees.  Eligible students can apply for a tuition fee grant. (These funds are paid directly to your University)  However, if you have to repeat any studies or have a previous higher education qualification then you may have to pay your own tuition fees for that period of time.  For more information consult Money Adviser, Student Services E:  or T: 01334 462720.
  • Student Loan (Assessed or non-assessed).
  • Young Student Bursary.  YSB is a grant which is income assessed based on family income.
  • Lone Parents' Grant  - You can claim for this grant if you are single, widowed, divorced, separated or your civil partnership has dissolved, and you are bringing up children on your own.
  • Childcare Fund.  Undergraduate Scottish funded students who have childcare costs can apply to the Childcare Fund via the University. Contact Money Adviser, Student Services E: or T:01334 462720.

How do I know what I will get?

Once you have applied to SAAS an acknowledgement within 14 days. Thereafter you will be able to download your letter of award from the SAAS application area that details how much loan/bursary you will get and how much assessed parental/spouse contribution there is. You are encouraged to do download this as you may require this later as proof of award.

When do I receive my money?

Student loans and YSB/ISB are paid on a monthly basis.  Totals are divided by 10 equal payments with a double payment paid in the first week of teaching, then on the 7th of each month.