Council Tax

Full-time students are exempt from the Council Tax. However, students who withdraw from the University for a period of time may incur a liability. It is your responsibility to find out if you are liable for Council Tax payments. This exemption does not extend to owner occupiers who let to a non-student. Students who are enrolled for a standard full academic year beginning in September will be exempt up to the final day of the academic session as published in the University's calendar. For the avoidance of doubt, this normally excludes graduation week.

Supply of electronic data

Certificates of exemption are not routinely issued by the University Registry. Instead, the Registry has a statutory obligation to submit an electronic list of registered students to Fife Council for the purpose of validating Council Tax exemptions. This list contains personal details including the student's name, full term-time address and the start and end dates of the course. Students who do not wish to have their details included in this list must request this in writing at the start of each academic session and no later than 15 October of any given year. Requests must be made to the University's Data Protection Officer at the address below. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have informed the relevant Council of your student status if you indicate that you do not wish your details to be included in the University's routine supply of electronic data to Fife Council. If you have any doubts contact either Student Services or telephone Fife Council (08451 551155) and ask for the Student Council Tax Section.

Student Status Letters

You can now access and print your own student status letter through your MySaint account, there is a section below Personal Details and Student Finance which is titled Student Status Letters. Please can click on this and read the guidance to obtain your student status letter.


Student Services, Eden Court, The Scores.
T: 01334 462720

The ASC, 79 North Street.
T: 01334 462020

Data Protection Coordinator, IT Services, Butts Wynd Building
T: 01334 46 4010/2776