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Undergraduate cost of attendance 2019-20

The cost of attendance for a student is an estimate of that student's educational expenses for the period of enrollment. The US Govt. Higher Education Act, Sec. 472, allows the use of average expenses rather than actual expenses for all full-time students in the same category.

The annual cost of attendance has been converted to USD using an exchange rate of $1.45
Important: this is an indicative rate inflated to mitigate against possible exchange rate movements against the USD. This is because the university does not administer exchange rate recalculations during the academic year.

These are the maximum borrowing values and most students/parents do not need to borrow the full amount.
For guidance on living costs please see our Information on budgeting webpage.

2019-20GBP SterlingUS Dollars
Tuition fees (actual tuition fees table) 21,228 30,780
Catered residence fees/Rent, utilities, food 8,873 12,865
Travel - based on two trips per annum 2,000 2,900
Computer equipment, books 1,200 1,740
Personal, living expenses (37 weeks) 3,330 4,829
Total £36,630 $53,114

Please note that the above figures are provided as guidance for students applying for US Federal Direct Loans or private loans. The costs are for the full academic year. These figures are recalculated at the end of MAY for the next standard academic year beginning in September. IMPORTANT: The dollar value for every loan disbursement will be converted to sterling based on the exchange rate on the day that the funds are received by the university.

If you are an entrant student you are eligible to add the following charges to your cost of attendance, if you wish:

  GBP Sterling US Dollars
General Council Fee* 50 78
Visa 348 505
Immigration Health Surcharge** 1,350 1,958
Total £1,748 $2,535

* A one-off fee applicable to all students in YR.1

** Immigration Health Surcharge (based on 4 years of study)

US Federal Law also permits the university to increase an individual cost of attendance for some additional costs, including, but not limited to:

  • An allowance for dependent care
  • An allowance to assist with any disability

For further information on extenuating costs please e-mail

If you would like information about your eligible loan amounts for the next academic year prior to the May update, please email and we will be happy to provide an estimated eligibility based on the figures above. Please note that your eligible Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loan totals will not change, however, the parents' eligibility for Direct Plus Loans may be slightly more or slightly less.


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