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Postgraduate cost of attendance 2018 Entrants

The annual cost of attendance has been calculated using an exchange rate of $1.55

2018 EntrantsGBP SterlingUS Dollars
Tuition fees 20,980 32,519
Catered residence fees 11,029 17,095
Travel - based on two trips per annum 2,000 3,100
Computer equipment / books 1,200 1,860
Personal / living expenses (50 weeks) 4,500 6,975
Visa 348 540
General Council Fee* 50 78
Immigration Health Surcharge** 675 1,046
Total 40,782 63,213

Please note that the above figures are for US students applying for loans for the stated academic year and are for guidance only. These figures are recalculated each MAY for the next academic year beginning in September. The sterling value for every loan disbursement will be calculated using the exchange rate on the day that the funds are received by the university. 

If you require confirmation of your eligible loan amount for any application deadlines prior to the May update, please email and we will be happy to provide an estimated eligibility based on the exchange rate above. Please note the Stafford Loan eligibilities will not change, however, eligibility for Plus Loans may be slightly more or slightly less.

There are different COAs for research students with continuation or extension fees. These should be requested from the US Loan Team.

*A one-off fee applicable to all students

** Immigration Health Surcharge


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