‌Research examining process

Research degree examinations at the University are overseen by the Associate Provost Students (assocprovost-students@st-andrews.ac.uk) with the assistance of the Postgraduate Research Team (PGR Team – Student Journey) in the University’s Academic Registry, and are conducted in line with the Senate Postgraduate Resolutions and Regulations. Consequently, most correspondence regarding the examination process will be conducted with the PGR Team via registry-pgr@st-andrews.ac.uk, unless otherwise indicated. Any queries about research degree examinations and their associated processes should be directed to the PGR Team in the first instance. 

Online nomination of examining committee

Research student examination committee nominations should be completed online in MMS; this form should be sent to Registry (Postgraduate Research - registry-pgr@st-andrews.ac.uk) six weeks prior to the submission of the thesis.

The online facility allows any member of staff associated with the Research module for their School to fill in and save the details of a nomination. Once the nomination has been saved the Head of School or the Director of Postgraduate Studies can check the nomination and press the button that approves the completed nomination and sends it to Registry.

Only the Head of School or the Director of Postgraduate Studies can approve a nomination.

Online Nomination for Examining Committee for research postgraduates via MMS

Guidance on completion of the Online Nomination Form

Guidance for research degree examination 

The University has an online system to manage the submission of theses and examination process. Staff and students will be able to access My Saint to complete relevant tasks. 

Research Degree Examinations Guidance Booklet (PDF, 919 KB)

Guidance for submission of theses (PDF, 1,108 KB)

General Forms

Change of supervisor form

Please use the following form to inform Registry of changes of supervisors. 

Change of Supervisor Form for Research Postgraduate Students (Word, 31 KB)

Guidance on the different kinds of supervision (principal, secondary, mentor etc) can be found in the Supervision of postgraduate research students policy