Deposit in Pure

Pure is the University's research information system, which brings together key information on research at St Andrews such as publications, datasets, impact, Open Access compliance, professional activities and more. See the University's Pure pages for further information about the different research outcomes captured in Pure. 

If there is no suitable external data repository available to deposit your data, then you should archive your digital outputs in Pure or in a generic data repository.

In addition, the basic metadata should also be recorded in Pure for:

  • Externally deposited data, such as data published through a general repository (e.g Zenodo), in another institutional repository or archive
  • Data that is not suitable for direct publication pending legal or ethical assessments, together with information about access conditions.

Dataset records should also be created for large datasets, even if they cannot be uploaded directly to Pure. Contact the Research Data Management team to create a large dataset deposit and to obtain a DOI to cite your data.

The Research Data Management team can help with obtaining a DOI and with depositing and publishing data and metadata via Pure and have developed a Data deposit guide to help with this process.