Open access costs

In many cases, you can comply with REF and funders’ open access (OA) requirements without paying a fee, by uploading your Author Accepted Manuscript in Pure. The criteria for paying open access fees (known as 'Article Processing Charges' or APCs) depends on a range of factors including funder policies, publisher agreements in place and availability of funds. The University preference for the ‘green’ route as our preferred method of achieving open access means we do not support payment of individual APCs in hybrid journals (i.e. journals which charge for both subscriptions to content and additional fees per article for OA publishing) unless covered by transformative agreements.

Paying APCs
The University has a number of agreements and partnerships in place with publishers that can cover open access publishing fees as well as providing discounts on APCs in some instances. Check the University's list of OA agreements and partnerships or contact for information.

The University has central funding available to support the open access policies for UK Research Councils, Wellcome Trust and other charities. Some funders provide open access costs in individual grants. To claim Article Processing Charges (APCs) in fully OA journals from our central funds, to find out if your chosen journal is covered by an agreement, or to ask advice about paying APCs from grants, send the following details to openaccess@st before committing to any OA fees.

  • Your name, School and email address
  • Journal and publisher
  • Article title, manuscript ID or DOI
  • Funder name and external Grant ID