Leadership in times of Global Health Challenge

In conversation with leading University of St Andrews academics, explore what global health challenges have taught us and how these lessons can be applied to leadership practice in the future. Sessions run from 20 October to 23 November.

What will it cover?

Global Health crises provide a unique window through which to view the needs of communities, and associated actions by leaders, in a time of societal challenge. The series will cover the psychology of community and community resilience, how sociopolitical inequalities affect health and wellbeing, as well as issues affecting policy making and communication.

Who is it for?

The lecture series will appeal to those with an interest in the leadership of individuals and groups in a time of societal challenge. The lecture series and short course will be of particular interest to those involved in public and private leadership positions, including the health sector and related industries; or people who are interested in the study of human behaviour – such as how the workforce and businesses have responded to the crisis.

Access the lecture series

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Lectures in the series

Learning about Community in Crisis

  • Speaker: Professor Stephen Reicher
  • Date: Thursday 20 October 2022

Understanding and supporting knowledge sharing in the midst of uncertainty

  • Speaker: Dr Vicky Ward
  • Date: Thursday 27 October 2022

Understanding the Epidemiology of Covid-19: A Global Perspective

  • Speaker: Dr Muge Cevik
  • Date: Thursday 3 November 2022

"Social Distancing": The Worst Public Health Advice

  • Speaker: Dr Jo Mhairi Hale
  • Date: Thursday 10 November 2022

The Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) project

  • Speaker: Professor Cynthia Whitney (Emory University)
  • Time: Thursday 17 November 2022


Intended learning outcomes

By the end of the series, you will be able to:

  • appreciate the significance of global, local and personal communities, and how actions to address the theme can offer maximum societal benefit
  • discuss the theme from a range of different perspectives and share these perspectives with your communities
  • reflect on how the themes of the course have influenced your working practices and employment
  • contribute to academic discussions on the theme and place your individual perspective within the need for collective action.


Contact us

For any enquiries about this programme, please contact the Global Office by emailing globaloffice@st-andrews.ac.uk.


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