Freedom of information

The University of St Andrews has adopted the Single Model Publication Scheme produced by the Scottish Information Commissioner who is responsible for enforcing the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. In adopting the Single Model Publication Scheme, a model 'Guide to Information' was developed and produced for the Higher Education sector which sets out:

  • what information is available in relation to each class of information;
  • what charges, if any, may be applied;
  • how the information is made available and where to find it easily;
  • provides contact details for enquiries and further assistance if required;
  • how to request information that has not been published. 

Introduction to the Guide to Information 

Our Guide to Information Introduction which covers the following areas is currently under review.

  • accessing information under the scheme 
  • information that the University may withhold 
  • the University's charging policy 
  • the University's copyright policy
  • how to access information not available under this scheme
  • how to contact the University.

Guide to Information

The University’s Guide to Information is currently under review and will be made available online for download once this exercise is complete.

A copy of both our Guide to Information Introduction and Guide to Information can be made available on request by email to: .

Guides to Information for the wholly-owned subsidiary companies of the University are also available on request:

  • St Andrews Management Institute
  • St Andrews Strategic Management Ltd
  • St Andrews University Holding Ltd
  • St Andrews University Services Ltd
  • University of St Andrews Gateway Ltd
  • University of St Andrews Shop Ltd

If you have any comments on the Guide to Information, wish to make a request for information or require assistance, please contact