Meet the academic, teaching and professional services staff, as well as PhD students, within the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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Dr Andrea Burke

Director of Postgraduate Research

Senior Lecturer

Dr Michael Byrne

Lecturer in Earth Surface Processes

Dr Claire Cousins

Director of Impact

Reader in Earth Sciences

Dr Nivea Magalhaes

Independent Research Officer

Dr William McCarthy

Director of Teaching

Senior Lecturer

Ms Arola Moreras Marti

Ms Arola Moreras Marti

Research Fellow

Dr Paul Savage

Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences

Dr Jakub Sliwinski

Research Fellow (SNSF Fellowship)

Dr Aayush Srivastava

Research Fellow in Luminescence Dating

Dr Leanne Staddon

Associate Lecturer (Education Focused)

Prof Richard White

Head of School

Professor of Earth Sciences

Mr Rory Abernethy

Mr Rory Abernethy

Tree-ring Laboratory Technician


Ms Heidi Block

Laboratory Assistant


Ms Janet Delalonde

School Administrator


Mrs Lesley-Anne Harrison


Mrs Melanie Mesli

Drilling Information Systems Database and Core Manager


Mrs Katie Smith

Finance Secretary


Miss Lauren Urquhart

GeoBus Education Assistant