Dr James Rae

Dr James Rae

Director of Impact


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Research areas

My research focuses on reconstructing past climate change and its causes.  I'm particularly interested in the cause of recent glacial-interglacial cycles, and climate changes over the Cenozoic.  To study these questions I use geochemical measurements on fossils, sediments, water and ice, with a special focus on the boron isotope proxy for pH.  I interpret these data with the help of a variety of numerical models.  I'm also fascinated by biomineralisation processes in corals and foraminifera, and the insights that geochemistry offers into calcification and ocean acidification. You can find out more about my work at my website: www.jameswbrae.com

PhD supervision

  • Helen Innes
  • Madison Shankle
  • Florian Brouillet
  • Megan Pelly
  • Chen Xu

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