Prof C. Richard Bates

Prof C. Richard Bates


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Applied Geophysics at sub-honours and honours level with application to environmental investigation, hydrogeological appraisal, engineering studies and resource development.  Petroleum Geosciences taught as industry style, CPD short courses. Environmental studies including Environmental Impact Assessment, fate of contaminants in the sub-surface, managing the impacts of climate change.  An emphasis is placed throughout on bringing industry best practice to the student learning experience through the use of case-histories, practical classes based on applied problems for industry, government and society and through joint teaching with industry experts. 

Research areas

Application of high resolution geophysical survey techniques for near surface investigations and the use of geophysics in a multi-disciplinary team approach to environmental problem solving.

Specific focus on the fields of near surface, high resolution terrestrial geophysics (archaeology, palaeo-environmental reconstruction, groundwater investigations, contamination mapping, structural investigations, climate change impact) and marine, high resolution survey (palaeo-landscape reconstruction, ecosystem evaluation, resource mapping, sediment dynamics).  Development of multi-sensor equipment for environmental investigations with an emphasis on climate impact studies such as marine benthic mapping and glacier retreat in the maritime Arctic.  Recent archaeological research investigations include the use of multi-sensor techniques at iconic sites such Stonehenge and the World Heritage sites in Orkney.   Commercialization of applied geophysics for marine investigation of Special Areas of Conservation and offshore marine resource development both internationally and on the UK Continental Shelf.

PhD supervision

  • Claudia Lubao
  • Maria Andrei
  • Amanda Woods
  • Ella Wood
  • Abate Melaku

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