Coronavirus information and guidance

Access rights

The only people with access to publish web pages on the University website will be fully trained content coordinators and members of the digital communications team.  

All content coordinators must adhere to the content standards when publishing content on the University website.  

Becoming a content coordinator 

Within each department, unit or School there will usually be two content coordinators, so choosing members of staff who will be available for both regular and ad hoc content updates is vital.  

Content coordinators will not be given access to the website until they have successfully completed all components of the T4v8 moderator training.  

If a member of staff would like to request to become a content coordinator, they should email They will be required to fill in a form outlining: 

  • the web pages they require access to 
  • why they require access 
  • how often they intend to make updates  
  • which current content coordinator they intend to replace (if applicable).   

Revoking access 

In order to protect the integrity of the University’s website, the digital communications team reserves the right to remove access from content coordinators if:  

  • they have not logged in to T4v8 for over six months 
  • they repeatedly publish content which does not meet the content standards.  

Users who no longer work for the University will be removed. 

The digital communications team will try to contact users in the first instance to determine where a problem may be occurring. If relevant, the team will provide additional training or support before revoking access. 

If a user’s access is revoked, they will need to complete the required training again in order to regain their access, and they may need to undergo additional testing. 

If a user no longer has access to T4v8, they may request content updates or amendments by submitting a request to