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Public engagement

The School promotes classics beyond the classroom through talks and events open to the general public or to specific non-academic audiences. Explore the School's public engagement activities: 


The BBC Radio 4 programme In Our Time features talks by:

A series of St Andrews-produced podcasts where staff talk about their research is also available to listen to online.

Jon Hesk writes a blog titled Ancient and Modern Rhetoric.

In August 2015, Jon Coulston took part in the filming for ‘Raiders of the Holy Lance’ (What on Earth? series 3, episode 8) and talked about the destruction of Palmyra. In December 2018, he made a guest appearance as artefact consultant on ‘A Legacy Revealed’ (The Curse of Oak Island, series 6, episode 4). In September 2019, he participated in a panel discussion on ‘The ancient city of Rome’ (Talking History, NewsTalk radio station).

Advisory and consultancy roles

Jon Coulston was consultant for the English Heritage design project for the Corbridge site and museum from January to February 2015. He was also academic advisor at ‘Turma! Hadrian’s Cavalry Charge’, a Roman cavalry re-enactment display which took place at Castle Park, Carlisle, in July 2017.

Tom Harrison has served as trustee for Classics for All, and is now on the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) advisory group for history.

Alice König acts as a mentor for the Robertson Trust. Through the Young Academy of Scotland, she is also helping run a major outreach project on Responsible Public Debate.