St Andrews sustainability internships

These internships provide students with a unique opportunity to experience and make a real contribution to university projects linked to the environmental sustainability strategy, committing the University to reach net-zero by 2035. 

Through support from our partners at Santander Universities, we have created various internship opportunities for all students at every year group.  These will be delivered at various times during Semester 2 and the summer vacation period in 2023.    

Each internship offers the opportunity to make strong contributions to university projects and initiatives.  The skills and knowledge you acquire will provide you with unique, stand out experiences to draw upon when applying to future sustainability related career opportunities.

This scheme is most suited to those in the Develop and Make it Happen stages of the Career Journey


These internships are open to registered undergraduates and postgraduates at the University of St Andrews. 

Applications from those who do not meet these criteria will not be considered.   

Each eligible applicant may apply for up to three internships within the programme but may accept only one.  

Purpose and benefits 

  • Paid work experience which provides you with a valuable insights into an organisational working environment within the field of sustainable development.
  • Application and interview practice to help you prepare for the future.   
  • Gain many key transferable skills and experiences to increase your future employability.
  • Provide insight into graduate level work.   
  • Personal development  through work on a real-life project and receiving feedback on performance . 
  • Encourage personal reflection on your management of and contribution to the project. 
  • Opportunity to meet and work with trailblazers making a real difference in sustainable development.

What to expect

  • You will be given an induction at the beginning of your internship. This will include an introduction to the overall function of the team in which you will be working.   
  • It's likely that you will then be assigned a real-life project to work on, and be expected to perform useful tasks within the unit. This is designed to replicate the challenges of working in a graduate-level job and will help you gain insight into the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in your preferred area of work.   
  • This is a learning and development opportunity. Throughout the internship you will be asked to reflect on your achievements to date, how you are progressing with your overall goals, and any other areas you wish to experience further.  You will also be provided with comprehensive feedback on your performance throughout.   

Previous internships

  • International Flight Analyst 2023 Internship - Analysing international travel data and exploring hub-based conferencing.   
  • Local Path to Net Zero Internship - Communicate Fifes progress to net zero and support pro environmental behaviours.
  • Developing greenspaces for Biodiversity Internship - Developing a wildlife-friendly planting palette to enhance greenspaces.
  • The second-hand merchandise market internship - Research and business proposal on circular economy for the University of St Andrews Shop.
  • Meadows in the Making - Monitoring plants and pollinators at St Andrews’ developing grasslands.  
  • Travel Survey 2023 - Analysing and digitising travel behaviour in St Andrews. 
  • Supplier Database 2023 - Exploration of ethical and sustainable manufacturing requirements; a proposal for the University of St Andrews Shop. 
  • Sustainable Careers Internship 2023  - Exploring the desire for sustainable careers.  


You will be paid a stipend of £364 per week or equivalent. 

Hours of work

Each role is different - please read the job description for specific hours of work.

There will be flexibility to set a schedule that works for you and your host, and any key dates or times for attendance will be clearly noted.   

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure they can accommodate the hours of the internship with the demands of their academic course, as well as any applicable visa constraints. 

A standard week will be 36 hours and 15 minutes.   

Application process

You will be asked to submit your CV and covering letter stating how you meet the requirements of the internship and what you'd like to gain from the experience.    

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview with the host.