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The Careers Centre is committed to supporting you as you take your next steps after graduation. For up to three years after graduation, you can access our resources and get the careers support which will allow you to achieve your goals and progress in your career.

Explore what the Careers Centre can still do for you and what you can do to help the next generations of students: it has never been easier to get inspiration for your graduate career, and to inspire others along the way.


Be inspired 

  • Keep your contact details up to date with alumni relations to receive an exclusive newsletter and be informed about alumni networking events in your area.
  • Get careers advice and discuss any career-related issue in an impartial and professional manner, including career options or feedback on your CV and application documents.
  • Join the St Andrews networking tool Saint Connect, and get in touch with St Andrews graduates from all around the world.


Inspire others

  • Keep your contact details up to date with alumni relations so that you can complete the Graduate Outcomes survey 15 months after graduation, helping the next generations of students find their future direction. Find out more about the Graduate Outcomes survey.