Equality, diversity and inclusion

The Careers Centre is committed to celebrating and supporting all facets of students’ and graduates’ identities, and we understand that career exploration and advancement are often influenced by someone’s identities and background.

Through education, collaboration, and resource sharing, we provide an equitable and inclusive environment where students and recent graduates are empowered to design a career that is meaningful and relevant to them, and to find employment in a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful environment.

Employability Bursary

The Employability Bursary financially supports eligible University of St Andrews students to complete work-related activity. The bursary can be used towards accommodation for internships, professional clothing, development courses, travel expenses, and volunteering.

Identity-based career resources

The following resources provide direction on searching for employment opportunities, information on connecting with others based on shared identities, interests, or needs, and links to intentionally designed skill development and training opportunities.

Students standing outside Lower College Hall