Careers guidance

The Careers Centre offers careers appointments to help you in-depth with more complex careers issues. These 45-minute career guidance sessions are only bookable if you have been referred by a careers adviser at a 15-minute careers advice appointment. 

How to access a careers guidance appointment

  1. Book a 15-minute careers advice appointment.

  2. During the careers advice appointment, inform the careers adviser that you are interested in accessing a careers guidance appointment and discuss with them whether referral is appropriate.

  3. If you both agree to proceed with a referral, the careers adviser will email you a pre-appointment booklet to complete and provide you with information about how to book your appointment.

  4. Once you have completed the pre-appointment booklet, book your careers guidance appointment by logging on to CareerConnect and attach the pre-appointment booklet. This is an important step as you will be unable to book the appointment without attaching a completed booklet. You cannot book your appointment less than three working days in advance.

  5. Once your appointment is booked, the careers adviser you are meeting will send you a Microsoft Outlook invitation confirming the location and time of your appointment. Please accept this invitation.

What to expect

A careers guidance appointment lasts 45 minutes. During your appointment, the careers adviser can support you with more complex careers issues, such as:

  • exploring and deciding upon career options if you don’t know what you want to do
  • developing job hunting strategies
  • advising on course changes and years out
  • understanding and identifying career motivations and values
  • advising on equality and diversity issues.

How to prepare

To make the most of your careers guidance appointment, you should complete the pre-appointment booklet issued to you by the careers adviser. This will help you to consider:

  • your current situation and what you would like to change
  • your values, priorities and constraints
  • the skills you would like to use in a job or course
  • the rewards and satisfactions you will be looking for in a job or course
  • generating career ideas and completing a careers questionnaire online, such as Prospects' Career Planner
  • starting to link the above to possible occupations or employment sectors that interest you.

Appointment overview and terms and conditions