Careers guidance

Careers guidance appointments are designed to help with more complex careers issues. They last 30 to 45 minutes, and are only bookable if a careers adviser has invited you during a careers advice appointment

Usually, a careers guidance appointment is a chance for a longer, more in-depth discussion about your next steps beyond your university degree, and the extra time is to allow for a deeper discussion with the adviser compared to a 15-minute appointment. Careers guidance appointments are usually set up with the Careers Adviser who has primary responsibility for supporting students of the School you are with, which will hopefully allow for a more tailored appointment overall.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday and are bookable up to 28 days in advance, and no later than three days in advance. You can book two careers guidance appointments per semester.

What is careers guidance?

Careers guidance is about you working with the adviser to make progress in your career journey. This can include reflecting on yourself, assessing your current situation, and considering steps to get where you want to be. It aims to support you to make well-informed, realistic decisions to achieve your goals.

Accessing a careers guidance appointment

  1. Book a 15-minute careers advice appointment.

  2. In the careers advice appointment, tell the careers adviser that you are interested in accessing a careers guidance appointment and discuss with them whether this would be appropriate.

  3. If you both agree, the careers adviser will email you a pre-appointment booklet to complete and provide you with information about how to book your appointment.

  4. Book your careers guidance appointment by logging on to CareerConnect and attach the pre-appointment booklet. You cannot book your appointment less than three working days in advance.

What you can get help with

The careers adviser can support you with more complex careers issues, such as:

  • exploring and deciding upon career options if you don’t know what you want to do
  • developing job searching strategies
  • course changes and years out
  • understanding and identifying career motivations and values
  • equality and diversity issues.

Preparing for your appointment

To make the most of your careers guidance appointment, you should complete the pre-appointment booklet sent to you by the careers adviser. This will help you to consider:

  • your current situation and what you would like to change
  • your values, priorities and constraints
  • the skills you would like to use in a job or course
  • what you will be looking for in a job or course
  • career ideas and completing a careers questionnaire online, such as Prospects' Career Planner
  • starting to link the above to possible occupations or employment sectors that interest you.