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Announcing: ‘Plato at the Limits of Thought’, a series of seminars to be held by Graham Priest and Sarah Broadie on that most abstract and logically enigmatic dialogue: Plato’s Parmenides.

‘Let us then say that, as it seems, whether one is or is not, it and the others both are and are not, and both appear and do not appear all things in all ways, both in relation to themselves and in relation to each other’. ‘Very true’. (Parmenides 166c2-5)

All are welcome.

The seminar will meet at least four times on successive Wednesdays 2-4 pm, beginning on Wednesday 21 November, 2007, in Edgecliffe G03.

To take advantage of the fact that Graham will still be here, we also hope to schedule a fifth meeting 9-11 am on Friday, 21 December.

Recommended translation: it is vital with this Platonic dialogue (more than for any other) that everyone involved use the same translation. The currently best is also easily available: it is the one by Mary Louise Gill and Paul Ryan. This is in the Hackett edition, Plato Complete Works, ed. J. Cooper, and is also available as a separate Hackett paperback. Blackwell in St Andrews will be asked to get a few copies in.