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Mathematical Collaboration Workshop II

7th April 2018 - 8th April 2018

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This is a joint Arché-Oxford event, following up on the successful workshop Group Knowledge and Mathematical Collaboration held in Oxford in April 2017.

Mathematics is a deeply social discipline. The stereotype of the “lone genius” is one which does not fit the breadth and depth of mathematical work, which also features everything from one-on-one collaborations to massive collective efforts. Indeed, it is common for proofs of significant theorems to rely on work by many mathematicians working together and in parallel.

In this second edition, we will look at the social virtues that lead to good mathematics in such collaborative settings. We aim to draw on research in mathematical practice, social epistemology, sociology, ethnography and philosophy of science to answer questions about which features of our practices lead to successful and unsuccessful collaborations


7th April 2018
8th April 2018


Fenner Tanswell