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During this week, the following speakers will be visiting Arché:

Monday, 26 May:
11am-1pm: Baron Reed (Northwestern), “A new argument for Scepticism”
3pm-5pm: Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), “What should we do when we disagree?”
Tuesday, 27 May:
2pm-4pm: Sanford Goldberg (Northwestern), “Metaphysical Realism and Thought”
Wednesday, 28 May:
11am-1pm: Dan Lopez De Sa (Logos), “What does it take to enter the circumstance?”
4:15pm-6pm: Dan Lopez De Sa (Logos), “What could vague objects possibly be?”
Thursday, 29 May:
2pm-4pm: Ram Neta (North Carolina), “Contextualism and ‘Might'”
Friday, 30 May:
2pm-4pm: Francois Recanati (Institut Nicod/Arché), “Immunity to error through misidentification”
All presentations will be in room G03. Everyone welcome!